Wake Up!!!

•January 8, 2011 • 1 Comment

I recently saw the movie ‘No One Killed Jessica’. I was slightly aware of the details of this case having followed it in the news at the time of its inception and that was one of the reasons that prompted me to see the movie. Some details though of which I was not aware made me do a little research and I became aware of some very disturbing cases.  Most people probably know that the criminals in this particular case, the son of a politician and his accomplice have been suitably punished by the courts. The murderer has been given a life sentence. It was obviously a hard fought battle with the killers having been acquitted in a lower court. It was only the intense media outcry that could bring the case into people’s notice again and be suitably dealt with. Its not however my intention to go into details of this case, enough has already been said and written about it but since this was the case because of which I started this entire procedure it seemed fit that I mention it. A liitle note though for those witnesses and “honourable citizens” of India who neither saw nor heard anything “May you rot in hell and may peace never bother touching your doorsteps”.

Reading about this case I tumbled upon a few other cases which were equally if not more disturbing. I will mention a few of those just to prove the point I am trying to make. I dont know if many of you are aware about  Satyendra Kumar Dubey. He  was a project director at the Natonal Highways Authority of India (NHAI). He was murdered in Gaya(Bihar) after fighting corruption in a  highway construction project. What is most disturbing in this case is that he had written a letter to the Prime Minister of India exposing the blatant misuse of public money. It is believed that the letter reached the hands of the miscreants in the NHAI and the murder was then ordered. Such is the corruption in the country that the accused even managed to escape from police cutody. They were however brought to justice after media outcry and a long period of six years.

Anothet high profile case is that of   Shanmugan Manjunath. He was a marketing manager for the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) who was murdered for sealing a corrupt petrol station in UP. This case generated great hue and cry in the media and this combined with the determination of the lawyer(who must be saluted) brought the case to a speedy conclusion. The appeal is however still being heard in higher courts. I pray that the criminals get a fate worse than death.

Rizwanur Rahman and Sanjeev Nanda cases have come to light recently and I am sure most people are aware of its details. This is again instances of people in power flaunting their authority to prevent justice. Whatever blasphemy the media does I do respect its role in all these cases. The criminals of which would have probably walked free had it not been for the hand of the media.

Priyadarshini Mattoo case is one of the most distubing cases is India recently. It is one of the most heinous crimes for which the death sentence was an apt judgement. However the life imprisonment awarded by the Supreme Court also does manage to give some semblance of respect to the entire legal system of India.The criminal in this case was the son of a Police Inspector-General who raped and killed the girl, his junior in law school. The victim had earlier filed complaints of harassment against the murderer. This was very similar to the Jessica Lal case with the accused using his influenec and authority to tweak the judgement his way and get acquitted by the lower courts. The media outcry though took the case to the High Court which blasted the lower court for having denied justice to the victim’s family and awarding death sentence to the accused which ws later converted into life imprisonment by the Supreme Court.

There are many more cases I could continue writing about, the Ruchika Girhotra case which I am very sure each and everyone of you are aware of is the saddest one I know. If you read the details of the tortures the poor family had to suffer for more than a decade you will be heart-wrenched. Their scars are difficult to heal I pray that the devilious bastard gets a death sentence which is nothing less than he deserves. There are other cases like Nitish Katra case which if any of you are interested could read about.

My point in writing about all these incidents in our country is simple. If you notice something most of these cases have high profile criminals, most of them are connected to people in power in some way or the other. Nearly all of them are open and shut cases but somehow most of the criminals have managed to get acquitted by lower corts. It is only under intense media pressure that they have reached higher courts and justice has been granted mostly long after the crimes have been committed. What the family of the victims have been going through during this period is not even possible for us to imagine. Is this how justice in India is given? Only after the media gets involved, questions the judgement, for all practical purposes even holds its own trial will people take notice? It is sad and pathetic that those responsible for upholding the law in our country are in fact the ones abusing their powers. I do not know what I achieve by writing about all this. It wont make any difference. But I do know this that the next time something like this happens(I pray to God that such a situation will never arise) I will do all that I can, these drives, these marches they stand for something. I have never been in any of those and now I know I am not going to miss any of those. The sms’ that make the rounds may seem silly to most people but they show that you are aware of what is happening. With certain rights comes certain duties which I believe is time each one of us acknowledge. I became aware of all these cases and I considered it my responsibility to make as many people aware of this as I could, hence this blog. The next time justice is denied I hope we all can sit up and take notice.



•December 21, 2010 • 11 Comments

So even I start writing a blog. I am quite sure people saw that one coming, I mean I practically never shut up so it was just a matter of time before I needed new avenues to express my twisted/demented/retarded/insightful (take your pick guys :P) thoughts. I am not sure how this is going to work out or if I even have the patience to write for long but its worth a shot!

Change is something which has been on my mind for a while now and for some reason I havn’t been able to come to peace with the thoughts swirling in my head. Before I go on rambling about the inconsistencies of my mind I should perhaps try to make it clear what change am I exactly talking about! I am talking about people, changes which happen over time, changes which are the result of distance, changes which shouldn’t happen but for some apparent reason which is beyond me do happen.

Change can be good, can be for the better I am not arguing that, what my problem is that why does change in any person have to effect others around him? If I start thinking differently, if my ideals are not the same anymore why should it affect my level of understanding with people around me? They haven’t changed right so I shouldnt let it affect my relation with them. But that is what happens. A guy moves to college, he makes new friends, he becomes independent, discovers more about himself, his perspective of life changes but in that process why does he leave his mates from school behind. I am not talking about being in contact that is different. He might still remain in touch with them but he does not connect to them on the same level as he did earlier. They have been his friends for all these years so shouldn’t he try to carry them along when he takes a step in a direction different from his earlier path.

I recently came to college and it was the start of a new story in my life. It was not easy moving away from friends I had grew up with but it was to be done. One thing I noticed was that promises of keeping in touch, making sure nothing changed was flying around in bulk! The conviction that everyone had had me believing that perhaps everything would remain the same. It was not to be. I still catch up with some of my friends from time to time but the level of understanding, the ease with which things happened is not the same anymore. I do not deny that it is difficult to be the same way as before without seeing each other for such a long time but should it take just three months of distance to weaken bonds stretching over twelve years? In life we are always going to keep moving, no one is going to stay where they were earlier but why while moving forward we forget the people who were with us just a few steps back? It is great when I meet my school mates on coming home but that comfort, that understanding seems to be missing. The relations become superficial, they do not hold the same importance as before and that is something I have a problem with.

People change, for better or worse I do not know. Nothing ever remains constant. It may not seem fair or right but the fact is we need to keep moving, accept that what was will not always be. People will change, those very close to you may grow distant the only thing you can do is accept that such is life and move on.

The problem with change is that you can never see it coming. You dont realize things have changed until its staring at you right in your face and by then its a little too late to do anything about it………